Compost Worms

The Stars of the Show!

Red Wrigglers ( Eisenia Fetida )

As they go about their work, they produce a natural fertiliser via their castings (Vermicompost) as well as the "liquid gold" know as Vermitea. They will devour your kitchen scraps, reducing waste! 

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*We weigh our worms excluding any vermicompost but do not count our worms as the handling can harm them. We abide by international standards.

Did you know?

There is a big difference between our beloved Red Wriggler compost worms and common earthworms! 

While earth worms live in deeper soil and feed on decaying root fibers, compost worms eat kitchen waste and live in the top layer of soil. 

Don't try throwing your Red Wrigglers in your garden bed - they won't survive long!

Click here to learn more about caring for your worms!

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