Worm Farm Care


Eco Worm Gourmet Delights

A new addition to our product range, and a First for South Africa!

Introducing our Eco Worm "Gourmet" Delights. 

A real treat for your worms. They love this mixture, and would eat only this gourmet treat if they could!

Will help your worms to thrive, and is also  an excellent healthy addititive to the resulting Vermicompost.


2 Litre Bag - R50.00

Worm Care

Eco Gourmet Delights

From R50.00 per bag

A must for your worms! They will absolutely thrive on this mixture!

2 Litre bag for R50.00

Eco Worm Treats

R20.00 per pack

Equivalent to a chocolate, and fattens worms!

In addition to their normal feeding, add 1/3 cup fortnightly.

Eco Worm Tonic

R75.00 per bottle

Spray tonic on worms if they are unhappy or not eating.

Happy worms mean happy farms! 

Eco Worm Delights

R50.00 per bag

Great for feeding to worms when there is no kitchen waste available!

Add liberally to worm farm as a supplement.

Worm Farm Maintenance

Tea Stimulator

R50.00 per bag

Essential for making vermitea 

Mix with water and pour over worm food to flavour food for worms.

Eco Soil Stabiliser

R15.00 per packet

The perfect aid to correcting the pH (acidity) levels of your soil

Coconut Fibre

R30.00 per brick

Highly Absorbent, natural moisture retainer for your soil.

Mix with water and add to soil to aerate and maintain moisture.

Diatomaceous Earth

R30.00 per tub

Organic. Effective in combatting ants, spiders, mites, and fleas.

Not harmful to your pets :)

Worm Farm Covers


Protects worms from excess sunlight and aids in drainage and filtration of tea

Worm Farm Blanket


Helps retain moisture and regulate soil temperatures


Worm Farm Taps

R120.00 each

For tapping off Vermitea from your worm farm!

Mix Nozzle

R315.00 each

Aerates water from your hose to create a lighter spray on your soil

Eco Garden Grubber

R30.00 each

Standard garden grubber for use with your worm farm

70% Alc. Hand Sanitizer

R50 for  2x 500ml Bottles

Use before and after handling your worm farm

Placing Your Order

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We use a courier for speed and reliability*