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Organic Vermitea

You can now get a 5 Litre bottle of Pure Organic VermiTea for just R100.00*

Was R150.00

*offer valid while stocks last :)

Looking to start an awesome outdoor project, put your organic kitchen waste to good use, and nurture your garden, all in one go?

You've come to the right place! 

Our custom-made Worm Farms come with everything you need to begin your worm-farming journey. We also sell Red Wriggler Worms, VermiCompost, VermiTea, and many other essentials to care for your worm farm and garden!

Did you know?

We make the only domestic worm farms that produce both Vermicompost and Vermitea in one go! No need to purchase worm castings separately to make your Vermitea. You can do it all with our Eco Worm Farms :) Learn more HERE

These are just a few ways one could describe the wonder that is Eco Worm Farms. 

Stick around to find out more. You won't be disappointed!

The Story of EcoWorm Farms

Watch this video to learn about how EcoWorm Farms got started, how worm farming (vermiculture) is done, and why its such a great investment- a little bit of cash for a lifetime of benefits!

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