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So you've purchased your Worm Farm and are ready to begin working with your Red Wriggler Worms.

Now what?

Keep reading to learn some vital tips, do's, and don'ts in caring for your worms

"We eat most organic kitchen items! Nothing you give us goes to waste, but is turned into rich worm castings known as VermiCompost, and a dark liquid called VermiTea!

Like most creatures, there are some things we love, and some we don't.

Continue reading to find out more..."

Food We Like

  • Raw Vegetable Scraps

  • Vegetable and Fruit Peelings (But NOT potato!)

  • Alkaline fruit, especially mango pips, and watermelon or spaanspek rinds

  • Our favourite veggies are Butternut, Pumpkin, Gemsquash - no need to cut or dice!

  • Sweet potatoes - sliced please

  • Lettuce and Spinach

  • Mielie Kernals

  • We love Avocado - but NO skins or pips.

  • Ground Egg shells - without the membrane please.

  • Some people give us old newspaper, but we prefer cardboard egg boxes soaked in water

  • A little bit of correctly processed manure is also nice

  • Coffee grinds and used tea leaves are a treat

Food We Don't Like

  • We really don't like cabbage or other cruciferous veggies (we just wont eat them)

  • NO Potato Peels

  • Acidic Food like tomatoes

  • Citrus Fruit like Oranges, Lemons, Naartjies, and Grapefruit

  • Pineapple is a big No-No!

  • Processed, salt-rich foods

  • Foods with additives

  • All herbs and spicy foods eg. chillies, onions, garlic etc.

  • All Dairy Products including cheese

  • All starches and starchy foods like bread or rice

  • NO meats or bones whatsoever!

Did you know?

There is a big difference between our beloved Red Wriggler compost worms and common earthworms!

While earth worms live in deeper soil and feed on decaying root fibers, compost worms eat kitchen waste and live in the top layer of soil.

Don't try throwing your Red Wrigglers in your garden bed - they won't survive long!

Other Worm Care Tips:

Keep worms well shaded and soil moist (but not sodden), as worms breathe through their skin but will shrivel up if exposed to very hot dry conditions.

Don't overfeed your worms! They can only keep up with so much recycling at a time. Give them time to break down peelings batch by batch. This will also help avoid bad smells cause by decaying matter.

A few tablespoons of used coffee grinds from time to time aids your worms' digestion

For emphasis - absolutely NO pineapple. Its like arsenic to worms.

If any seeds germinate in your worm farm, just pull them out and leave for the worms to munch on.

If your worms need a boost, they'll love our Eco Worm Delights, Gourmet Delights, or Eco Worm Tonic!

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